Image result for Fit For LifeRowing is the perfect way to tone your body and improve your overall fitness levels. It requires dedication and many long hours of training. It is extremely important to use the correct technique when rowing to ensure that you don’t do injury to yourself in any way.

Loosen Your Grip and Drive With Your Legs

Only keep a firm enough grip on the handle that you don’t lose it. Tightening your grip will wear your hands out. You will end up with sore forearms and palms that torn to shred. Remember that your legs are much stronger than your arms. Rowing is all about the leg action, they should be doing the majority of the work at hand. Your buttocks and quads should be feeling the burn after a good rowing workout.

Drive Straight Back and Don’t Leave Your Buttocks Floundering

If you feel you are lifting off the seat, take stock of your action. Drive straight back instead of pushing up. Pushing up will eventually result in your dismounting and landing on the rail. Not quite the result you were looking for. Rowing is a smooth action when carried out correctly. Your core should be engaged throughout. Moving your buttocks back first is not the correct movement. Keep the handle in tune with the seat for the portion of the stroke incorporating the initial leg drive.

Elbows Relaxed and Don’t Pull With Your Arms

Bending your arms at the elbows will prevent your legs from doing the work. Rowing is about your legs. Your elbows should be kept straight while your legs drive you home. Keep your elbows at a natural angle, relaxed. Don’t tuck your elbows in or lift them up at your sides.

The technique is everything in sport, and rowing is no different. Perfecting the correct technique will allow you to enjoy the action more and achieve fitness results that will amaze you.