Take Time Out For Yourself

Rowing is a sport that monopolises your time. Hours are spent training and honing your skills. In instances where you are part of a team, much of your time is spent building bonds and creating an atmosphere that will encourage you all to work in unison. When the times comes to take a break, you really do need to spend that extra time for yourself.

Taxing On Relationships

A professional career in any sport can be taxing on personal relationships. Often family priorities are left to your spouse in your absence. While they fill your shoes in a bid to show their support, they do also need some appreciation when the time allows it. Spend your free day showing your spouse you care. Plan a lovely day out in the fresh air, romancing your loved one. Reform that attachment again and strengthen your bond. A nice picnic in the park and a moonlight stroll will go a long way in showing your spouse you care. The day off will be well-spent and you will return to your hectic training schedule with a happy heart and more focus on your goals.

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Professional sportsmen with children often miss out on momentous occasions in their lives. Before you know it, they are all grown up and you haven’t seen a thing. Spend as much of your free time with your children as you can. Get to know them and develop those unbreakable bonds. Share your love for sports with them and encourage them to take part whether or not they win.

At the end of the day, your family is sacrificing too. That one day a week will become the highlight of the week. When training day arrives your focus and your family unit even more so. There is nothing more encouraging than that.