Keep your feet firmly on the footplate. Regardless of where you are in your stroke, the balls of your feet should never leave the footplate. It is normal for your heels to lift during the stroke movement, however, power and connection must always be transmitted via the balls of your feet.

Your seat should never be allowed to run into your feet. As you move forward and back to the start position of the stroke, allow your shins to reach a position that is perpendicular to the ground. At this point, your heels will be off the footplates.

Image result for Breathe Through ItBreathe Through It

Breathing is imperative in any sport. It is important to inhale as you move forward and exhale as you pull back. Two counts back and one forward. If your technique is such that you end up rushing forward, you will not fully inhale. This incorrect technique will leave you feeling breathless. Think of it like playing online baccarat game without any strategy and the end result is often failure. Concentrate on breathing correctly and the rest will follow. Breathing will assist in keeping your posture upright and ensuring your stroke is well-managed.

Focus and Consistency

Movement over water should be fluid and smooth. This kind of action will be fast and efficient. Movements that are jerky or haphazard will cause turbulence in the water and that in itself will create added resistance that is unnecessary. Water that is choppy and filled with waves is more likely to end with a boat upside down. That’s an entirely different scenario to deal with.

Practise is the only way to master the skill. Nothing worth achieving happens without the required input, hard work and dedication. Once you reach that sweet spot you will feel like gliding on water. Noting will be able to stop you and the only way forward will be up. Take a step into the boat, feel the freedom.