Rowing, whether recreational or professional, is a strenuous activity and one that requires dedication. Hard training that develops strength, stamina and endurance can be taxing on you both physically and psychologically. Your off-time or downtime requires a complete shutdown from training. It is time to allow yourself time for relaxation and for your muscles to rejuvenate.

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For someone in training, a healthy lifestyle and scheduled downtime is imperative to good health and fitness. Those who are on a professional level endure rigorous training sessions that really take everything out of your body and mind. When the times comes for that elusive day off, you really do need to switch off completely. Take time to do something that will allow your body time to recover and recuperate.

Gaming Madness

With the gaming madness that has swept the nation of late, many are turning to the activity as a means of escape. It is the perfect opportunity for rowers to keep their minds active while their bodies rest. Thinking about something other than rowing also allows the mind to rest, even though it is engaged in other activities. Whether you enjoy a game of e-sports or an adventurous quest, plug in, switch off and become engaged. You can even try to play blackjack for free in order to sample the different gaming platforms.

Social Experience

The nature of online gaming is such that you can play a game with someone on the other side of the planet, as if they were next door to you. Amazing as it seems, its true. Strike up conversations with foreigners and perhaps find a like-minded individual to build a friendship with.

While gaming doesn’t require much strenuous activity, it is the perfect solution to those rest days between training sessions. Try your hand at something new, escape from reality, and enjoy adventures in the strangest places. When training day arrives, you will be ready to row.